Will my insurance cover Annerley's services?

Many insurance companies cover our services.

Your claim will depend on your insurance plan and level of cover, and and also the type of services or care you are receiving. If you are covered by any of the insurance companies below, it's likely that some of our services will be covered. But again, that depends on the nature and sometimes the origin of your plan. The only way to ensure the cover is to contact your insurance company.

Our Nexus package includes appointments with our Obstetrician Dr. Robert Stevenson, and these are very likely to be covered with any maternity plan. 

In the past many of our clients have successfully been able to claim through the following insurance companies/plans - 

Aetna International
ALC Health
Alliance Worldwide Care
AXA Global Healthcare
AXA HealthPlus
AXA other plans with maternity can claim for specialist checkup. Ask our staff!
AIA - Gold
Bupa (IHI plans or Global)

Ask your insurance company if they cover our services and don't hesitate to contact us so that we can give you a quotation for your potential care. You can then make sure your service provider can guarantee the payment.

If you prefer antenatal checkups or home visits, these are sometimes covered as stand-alone services. You must pay upfront for these, and then claim the cost afterwards.

For more information, please email  - we are always happy to answer your questions.