• I am so glad I went with Annerley with the Nexus program. For my first, I went private all the way since I didn’t know what to expect. However, for my second, I was recommended by my friend to try Annerley’s Nexus program to complement using the public system and it worked so well. 
    It saved me valuable time and gave a personalised touch as it allowed me a chance to discuss in more detail about things and how they were progressing as I was taken care of consistently by Rosie and Dr Stevenson whereas the public system would have been someone different each time. 
    My pregnancy went well and I have a happy and healthy baby boy now! I am so grateful that I had Rosie and Dr Stevenson’s support, as well as that of the rest of the team. Will definitely be recommending any pregnant friends to you! 
    - Priscilla, 2019

  • Myself and my husband decided on the Nexus Private package through Annerley for our first pregnancy. It was reassuring to have the same midwife through my pregnancy and also the post natal check ups after birth.  All the midwives I came into contact with were really kind, helpful and always reassuring. 
    The antenatal classes were informative and a great opportunity to meet other expecting mums and dads who have now become friends and we try to meet once every couple of weeks. It's lovely having another support network especially when most people are living away from home and family.
    I had a private birth at the Matilda where the same obstetrician delivered my baby that had carried out my main scans during pregnancy so it was nice to have a familiar face throughout! 
    Annerley provided the support and care that we needed and helped make it a wonderfully happy experience, despite being on the other side of the world from family.
    - Neena, 2019

  • As a first time parent in a foreign city with no family support network, being pregnant and having a baby is a supremely daunting experience. Throughout it all Annerley have been amazing! 
    We went for the Nexus package and it was some of the best money we spent on the baby! You would be surprised what you end up panicking about at 3am in the morning when pregnant (and once you have the baby). Being able to text a group of midwives and get reassurance, support and advice is invaluable. From whether the cheese you accidentally ate at dinner will hurt your baby to how much is too much sick after a feed, the midwives offer timely and caring support for any and all questions. 
    The baby classes, home visits and additional support groups are great and really help with the whirling craziness that is the first weeks (and possibly months) of life with the new baby. We found that the personal touch and genuine care expressed by all the midwives throughout the experience was lovely and made us feel welcome to discuss any and all issues and concerns with pregnancy, parenting and the baby! 
    The service at Annerley is fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend it to any perspective parents who want a little more support and advice than just the hospital. I delivered at Queen Elizabeth public hospital (which was great) and the preparation from Annerley meant that we were relaxed and ready for all that happened.  Overall, an outstanding service. 
    Many thanks to you and the entire team! 
    - Rebecca S, 2019

  • To the incredible team at Annerley. Thank you so much to you all for the amazing care and support you gave us throughout our pregnancy journey. From day one you made us feel so welcome! We couldn't be more pleased with the quality of care we received along the way. My husband and I found the 'Babies and Beyond' informative and helpful and gave us opportunities to meet other lovely parents- to-be in a relaxed and fun way! We found it hugely valuable having our own midwife along with our private doctor. Michelle's professional, calm, supportive and compassionate nature contributed to us both feeling relaxed and reassured throughout my pregnancy. It was so reassuring having Michelle present in all our consultations with our doctor, Zara and it was very much a team effort. We were able to discuss options and my birth plan throughout openly and felt the continuous pre and post natal support with Michelle was exceptional in providing us with the tools to tackle parenthood. When we had our little one, Michelle (who had been there throughout and who we had got to know well) came all the way to our house for numerous home visits and was able to answer all of our questions or concerns confidently. It was a relief to have a Whatsapp group with all the Annerley midwives in it for reassurance when we had worries or concerns no matter how little or big. With Annerley support, alongside the support of our private doctor, we have always felt like we were in the best hands and we couldn't have asked for a more sensitive, nurturing and caring service - Jessica & Rowan, 2019

  • What you get from Annerly is not a "service", it's education, empowerment, peace of mind, serenity.
    We took antenatal classes and post-birth home visits from Annerley. This was the BEST decision we made in the incredible journey the birth of a first child is.
    The classes taught us literally everything we needed to know to handle labor, birth and first days/weeks with baby. Then the home visits helped us understand our baby but also each other better and reassured us on so m
    any levels.
    The first bath, given together at home, guided by Annerley's midwife Rosie, remains a very special memory.
    I can't even remember how many times we'd have panicked, stressed (and probably fought) throughout the process, but thanks to what the lovely and professional Annerley ladies taught us, we felt ready, calmer and a stronger team.
    I would (and actually do every time I can) highly recommend Annerley to anyone expecting!
    - Vanessa Ruzzica, 2018

  • So I should of written this ages ago but the baby has finally slept and I've got some time to myself. I just wanted to email and say how amazing Rosie was and how lucky we were to have her as our midwife. The first few days with Kit were a daze and I had no idea what I was doing and she was so calming and knowledgable and just brilliant. I know it's a time we'll look back on and be so happy that she was a part of it - I'm sure you already know how great she is (as is everyone else at Annerley) but I just wanted to say a huge thank you! 
    Liz, Ben and Kit
    - Liz, Ben & Kit, 2018

  • When I found out we were expecting our 6th baby we were only a few months away from moving from America to Hong Kong for my husband's job. Having had five babies already I knew a bit about what I wanted (and didn't) out of my pre-natal and post-natal care and birth experience. I love the midwifery model of care and wanted to have a natural birth with access to intervention if needed. Ideally I would have loved a birth center run by midwives. In Hong Kong, however, my options
    were either public hospital birth or private hospital births. I researched both options and learned that my best chance of having a natural delivery were at a public hospital. I felt really conflicted because public hospital deliveries involve public antenatal visits which had a reputation for being impersonal and having long stints of waiting in queues and in the waiting rooms. My research led me to Annerley and the Nexus Package, which offered private pre- and post-natal care for women birthing in a public hospital. Selecting the Nexus package at Annerley was easily one of the best and most important decisions we made regarding this pregnancy. First off, Annerley is a top-notch organization. The midwives and all the staff are well-trained, kind, up-beat, and professional. They also have an excellent obstetrician working with them to ensure that any risks or complications in mother or baby are managed appropriately. The Nexus package provides all the appointments with an OB and/ or midwife (except for a precious few needed for public hospital registration and follow-up), and the ultrasounds and lab work needed so you can get it all done in one place without having to do this in the public system or privately elsewhere. I love this. Especially moving to HK mid-pregnancy. It saved me so much time and stress (did I mention I have five other kids to care for) to get these things all in one place. Also included was a workshop on giving birth in a public hospital. It was extremely informative and incredibly helpful as we prepared for our baby's birth in a public hospital in Hong Kong. The midwives at Annerley have all been super supportive and helpful to me in this journey. Toward the end of the pregnancy they were even available via a Whatsapp group to give advice or answer questions or concerns I encountered before, during, and after baby was born. Our baby girl, Lois, was born in mid-May in an uncomplicated natural delivery (yay!) at Prince of Wales Hospital. We have been enjoying the post-natal home visits by Annerley midwives. It is a relief to have some one checking in on me as I recover and on baby's growth without having to leave our home. I really can't say enough about how pleased I am with the quality of care I have received (am still receiving) from Annerley and the Nexus Package!
    - Shonda Boone, July 2018

  • To the Annerley team,
    Thank you so much for all your help and support. We had relocated to Hong Kong and had no idea where to start! Fortunately, the Annerley team helped alleviate our anxieties and fears. The home visits were literally a life-saver and the breastfeeding assistance was fantastic. There is no way we would still be breastfeeding after five months, had it not been for the wonderful help. Our gorgeous boy is thriving and the Annerley team played a big part! Thanks again!
    - Fleur + David Marriot, 2018

  • Big thumbs up to the entire Annerley team for their amazing support throughout my pregnancy and delivery, even until I came back to work.
    They gave me all the supports that a woman would need for her first pregnancy especially in a foreign country. My husband and I felt very overwhelmed by the breadth of options until we stepped into their office, where Ailish gave us an unbiased and comprehensive overview of the healthcare system in HK.
    For the first time in 3 months, I felt
    confident about our decision to deliver in the public system. We decided to go for the Nexus package, which is worth every penny, especially for first time moms, as it provides an incredible and much needed support and care throughout the journey.
    All the items from the package turn out to be extremely valuable to me, including the home visits after birth, the 24h on call phone support although I didn't have the chance to make use of it during labour (scheduled c-section). I am very thankful to the whole team and especially to Sue and Hulda, who took the time to answer all my questions, to address my (numerous!) worries and to give us all the tools to best prepare us to parenthood.
    We are now the proud parents of a happy and healthy baby thanks to them!
    - SC, November 2017

  • Working with Annerley was exactly what we needed to get through the exciting, but also scary at times, process of welcoming a new member to our family.  The antenatal classes we attended really helped us get prepared for the birth of our son, but it was really the support Annerley provided during and after birth that was the most valuable.  After our son was born, we were sent home with this little bundle of life and no instruction manual on how to take care of him!  The midwives at Annerley were there to answer any questions we had at any time of the day, and came to visit us at home or saw us in the clinic to help us as much as they could.  There were more than a few occasions where we were panicked (unnecessarily) about something, and they were always able to calm us down and explain to us what was going on or tell us what we could do.  Having the ladies at Annerley at our fingertips through the process was invaluable, and saved us our sanity to allow us to enjoy the wonder that is becoming a new parents. - Ivy & David, October 2017

  • Dear lovely ladies at Annerley,
    Just a small note to say thank you for all your love and support over the last two years. You have seen our family grow, first with Isabel (Oct 2015) and now Abigail (May 2017).
    Without everyone's knowledge, positivity and good humour, we are sure we would not be as confident and calm during the birth of our two girls.
    Love Cat, Rob, Isabel and Abigail xxx
    - Cat Townsend 2017

  • To the fantastic team at Annerley...
    A huge thank-you to you all for the fantastic care and support you gave us throughout pregnancy.
    Our journey to meeting Noah was not easy and as a result pregnancy, for me, was a very anxious and often scary time. Your brilliant support helped make it manageable and we now have our beautiful bub!
    From Sue's informative antenatal classes, Hulda's expert care, Ailish's ability to squeeze me in for a scan, to Michelle's visit on our labour day and support via Whatsapp since the birth.... honestly we couldn't have received a more genuinely caring and thorough service.
    Thank you so much ladies!
    - Frankie & Luke Bromwich, 2017

  • Hi all,
    Just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me last Friday.
    I had fainted the day before quite suddenly which was a bit scary and left me bruised! It was fantastic i could touch base with Sue and drop by. Was a relief to know that everything was on track and definitely reduced my anxiety! 
    Sue was lovely enough to let my best friend from Australia accompany me during our catch up which was very special as she got to see a scan of the baby and was nice to have her there with me. . 
    Thanks very much, very much appreciated!
    - Fleur Marriot, 2017

  • Dear Annerley Team
    We just wanted to say a big Thank you for your help and support during my pregnancy and with our baby Megan. The care you provide is absolutely wonderful, and you have made our experience as new parents better through it. Here I am, still breastfeeding at 8 months, which I am so happy about and don't think I could have managed without your guidance. Thank you again,
    - Ian & Kathryn Crossley, 2017

  • Living far from my home and family, I found the support provided through the Best of Both package with Annerley to be very valuable to me.
    Developing a relationship with the midwives brought me great comfort, as did the opportunity to meet other parents-to-be during the antenatal classes, and new mums in the Baby & Breastfeeding clinic.
    I was very grateful to be able to just call up for advice when I had a scare during my pregnancy, as there is no such option in the public hospital system. I would definitely recommend this service to any expectant Mum.
    - Paula Vekony, 2017

  • Dear Annerley
    Thank you for being such a calming and compassionate voice of reason and advice. We really appreciate your understanding and quick thinking to alleviate our worry.
    Thank you again - I feel so lucky to have the support of such a wonderful team.
    Love and best wishes
    - Annie Sedgwick and Adam, 2017

  • The first time I walked in to Annerleys reception, and was made to feel at home- I knew it was the place for me. We had a best of both package and at home labour care. Throughout all my pre labour care I felt cared for and in very safe hands but it was the labour care that these fabulous women really came in to their own for me- staying with a labouring woman for 18 hours and keeping her mental and physical strength up is no mean feat but they did it with ease and exceptional competence. They stayed with me right up until I went in to the delivery room ( which turned out to only be a short sharp 20 minute stint!) and felt very much there in spirit for the entire journey.
     Our little one was taken in to the special care baby unit following delivery and the emotional support I received from the team throughout this period was invaluable to me, and something I will be forever thankful for. Hulda's postnatal home visits were also an enormous source of support and my dad remarked, after meeting Hulda, "when she comes in the room- you just feel you are in the hands of a true professional", I couldn't have said it better myself :)
    In a country where " customer service" can be so often lacking- annerley were the best service of any company/ organisation we have ever received in Hong Kong- bar none. My husband and I often remark to each what a wonderful place it must be to work as those ladies will be remembered and cherished by so many families forever- they certainly will be by ours. 
    Love and endless thanks Ally, Dave and Isobel
    - Ally, Dave & Isobel, 2017

  • Each year, my husband and I, separately, write down the "highlights of the year". On Christmas Eve we share our lists, it's such a nice way to remember, review and ponder the year.
    This year, the before, during and after birth-care provided by the Annerly team, made it to both our lists!
    Parenthood has been an amazing journey well beyond our expectations and Annerly's ladies played a big role in it,
    Thank you.
    - Yuritzi and Reint 2017

  • We are SO grateful to the whole Annerley team for supporting us through my pregnancy, as well as post the birth of our baby. 
    We opted to do our antenatal course, antenatal check ups and post natal home visits through Annerley and they were all incredible - on both a practical and emotional level. 
    During our antenatal check ups Hulda was always so calm and reassuring and our appointments with her were exactly what I needed to get my mind and attitude on a more positive track. Her knowledge of the public system here really helped me feel comfortable around giving birth in a HK public hospital and I actually enjoyed my experience at QM in the end (as someone who really wanted a water or home birth this is something I didn't think would be possible).
    We highly recommend the Babies & Beyond course, which we did over 5 weeks. We had such a great group and have all stayed in touch so have come away with some great friends! And Sue was amazing during our post natal home visits. Having someone come to our home was such a luxury, and she was so kind and supportive and just like Hulda she was very reassuring during that beautiful but challenging time. 
    In hindsight the Best of Both package would probably have been a better option for us, but it's nice to know you have flexibility to pick and choose the classes and visits you feel are most suitable. Thanks again Annerley! :-)
    - Anna, Mike & Bodhi, 2016

  • Dear Annerley Team
    A huge THANK YOU for your amazing support leading into birth and to Sue for being there for me on the day which ensured I had the most beautiful birth experience ever.
    Love you all
    - Anastasia Howard, 2016

  • Dear Hulda
    Thank you so much for everything you did for us to help us through those first few months with Freddie.
    There were times when I was really ready to throw in the towel on the breastfeeding front, but your support (and smiley face) meant that I was able to continue until almost 5 months! (You were literally a lifesaver!)
    - Charlie, Kate & Freddie Bright, 2016

  • For our antenatal care, my partner and I decided the "Best of both" package from the Annerley, was the most affordable option, that most suited our needs - as private health care was not a possible. The care that we received from the midwives at the Annerley, was fantastic. They went over and beyond to reassure us and to gently guide us through pregnancy, and the public health care system in Hong Kong. The midwives educated us, and gave us the same level of service that we were used to coming from the UK. I would definitely recommend this course to first time mums and to couples who are unfamiliar with the public health care system here in Hong Kong. - Yin Yin 2016

  • I don't think words can truly describe how grateful we are for the incredible support we received from the Annerley team, but I will try!
    Although the public system was very thorough on the medical side of things, the personalised care and reassurance was lacking. I can't imagine my pregnancy without the support of Annerley. It is clear that the staff is chosen very carefully at Annerley because whether you walk in the door, email or call you are greeted with such warmth. I can't imagine what my pregnancy would have been like without Sue and Hulda. They both just seemed to have a innate sense of how we were feeling and knew just the right things to say to make us feel at ease. Marieke led our babies and beyond course. We learned so much and the knowledge helped me to keep my anxiety of labour and delivery at bay.  It also allowed us to create a social network of soon to be parents! The very best part of this package are the home visits. The only way to describe Hulda is that she is magical. She has this amazing magical power of knowing when you are finding things difficult and she always seemed to schedule a visit at that precise moment.  Every time she came, I was feeling worried or inferior but after her visit she always left me feeling reassured and confident. Her calm presence and incredible knowledge can help you through anything. Hong Kong families are SO lucky to have such an amazing person to help guide them through parenthood. For me breastfeeding was a real challenge at the beginning and that surprised me. I know that I would not still be breastfeeding if Hulda had not helped me in that first week establish a good latch and teach me different positions. I was so worried when the 5 home visits ended. I didn't know how I would survive without Hulda's pep talks! I have of course but those home visits really built my confidence in so many areas.  There are always a few questions that pop up after the home visits are over and the baby clinics are perfect to have those little questions answered. I think Tamara is really sweet and I have felt really comfortable talking to her too. The clinics are a great way to get out of the house and meet other moms and see other beautiful babies too.
    Everything about the Best of Both Worlds Package was amazing and worth every penny. I am so grateful that Annerley was recommended to me.  I have been sharing my love for the Annerley team all around Hong Kong because every family deserves the care that Annerley provides.
    - Shannon, Andrew & Marlowe, 2016

  • I am eternally grateful to Annerley for all their help during and after my pregnancy. We had the Best of Both package and it was, by far our best pre-baby purchase! Annerley go above and beyond all expectations, with all the staff going out of their way to help in anyway they can. I highly highly recommend Annerley. Thank you for everything. - Nicole Davies, May 2016

  • Annerley! What a team. You have been there for us every step of the way, both before and since Leila's birth. We thought being pregnant overseas would be quite a daunting experience, especially navigating the bureaucracy of the public system, but your experience with the realm of public health here just made the entire process so much more accessible.
    The hypnobirthing course was enlightening, the checkups comforting, and Labour Care with Sue made the big day a whole lot less scary! But the most important things for us were the home visits (we'd have gone mad without that support with feeding and getting Leila to sleep) and the approachability of everyone at Annerley. The CPR course was also excellent, and we highly recommend it.
    Thank you so much for all your help and support!
    - Jane, Lames & Leila, March 2016

  • Breastfeeding easier said than done but with the help of a Lactation consultant can be an enjoyable experience. Having experienced difficulties with my first daughter I was really apprehensive the second time and had almost given up on breastfeeding. LuckiIy I got in touch with Annerley and Susan(Sue) became my Lactation Consultant. Sue has been an angel to me from the first day.  Extremely calm, composed, gentle and most importantly highly experienced. The minute I took my baby in my arms she could tell me what I had been doing wrong. From holding the baby correctly, how to latch on, un-latch, teaching me different holding positions, monitoring the growth of baby, she also instilled confidence in me and made sure I wouldn't give up again. I would look forward to her visits everytime as apart from guiding me professionally she was also like a friend who discussed various topics of breastfeeding and my general well being. Always a call away she is there to help even after the visits are over. I truly feel blessed to have her at the right time. I highly recommend Annerley to all mothers.
    Thanks to Sue and Annerley for helping me to breastfeed successfully.
    - Suruchi Thapar 2016

  • We found the midwife home visits an invaluable experience and are very grateful to Annerley for the wonderful service they provide. As new first time parents away from our home country and family, the reassurance and advice provided by Sue the midwife helped us enormously in the first few weeks of settling at home with our new baby. We would highly recommend Annerley's antenatal course and midwife visits as a professional, informative and caring service to assist new parents. - Victoria Keen 2016

  • Dear Annerley,
    We cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for us! You have been there for the good times and the bad and supported us all the way. We are so grateful for how helpful and accommodating you have been with what we have needed when Avalyn arrived unexpectedly. You really saved our lives by pointing out the health issues and we are so grateful.... We cannot wait to have you on our team with the next little one!
    - Amanda Oswalt 2016

  • It was a hard decision to go with private or public system before we decided to seek help with Annerley. Our first consultation gave us all the information we needed to know about the public system and they are certainly very helpful. Of course, we went with the public system in the end, and through out my 9 month pregnancy, Annerley provided me with all those teachings and prepared us for the actual birth and being a new parent. They taught us so much, and in all honesty I was absolutely stress free all the way because Annerley is always there when you have a question. And no question is a silly question for them as they understand your excitement and concerns. The nurses at the hospital were all very impress after I have shared with them the courses offered by Annerley.
    We are even MORE appreciative after little Laura was born. We had problems trying to feed her and it was really challenging. But Annerley was always there and still is. Never far, just a phone call away at anytime of the day and from the bottom of my heart I Thank them for it or we would have been very lost and extremely stressful parents in the first two weeks.
    Coä & Shaun
    - Coa & Shaun, Sept 2015

  • Best of Both package with Annerley is a personal and caring service I don't believe you will find anywhere else in HK. The support from the team during my pregnancy and beyond was incredible. They are all mothers who simply love their jobs and care. As most expats living in HK we don't have the family network like we would back home but Annerley provided familiar faces that educated, helped and reassured my husband and I through various stages.
    With the support of Annerley check ups, scans and classes we happily decided to deliver at Queen Mary hospital. Minus the fluffy towels and ensuite room I couldn't fault the team there. Whilst I did have my concerns over cultural differences, they offered the best medical care and reassurance that should any complications happen we were in the right place.
    We ended up having to deliver via C-section due to breech presentation, this was not of course how I thought my birth would be, it was an emotional time but Annerley supported me through this and everything went smoothly and we welcomed our little boy into the world.
    The home care visits were invaluable and they were always on the end of the phone or quick to reply to any messages. The first week is a whirlwind of learning and....hormones! Our midwife became a friend as well as our midwife and she filled us with reassurance and positive energy.
    We continue to stay in touch and should we have another baby in HK,  I'm confident we would follow the same route.
    L-J Whiteford, Oct 2015
    - J-J Whiteford, Oct 2015

  • Last night we had our final antenatal class and I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much to you all for making the classes fun, useful, engaging and a great chance to build community with other couples.
    At the beginning I questioned what we would be doing in class as I felt the videos gave all the info we needed, but on reflection it became clear that the videos were just a starting point - the beauty of the classes was 2 whole hours of questions answered by experts who were honest and warm. As I'm sure you hear all the time, doctors appointments in HK are rushed and I never really feel like they have time for all my questions - let alone the 'silly' ones I don't even dare to ask. Yet at the Annerley classes these questions were never deemed as silly or time wasting - and attention was paid to every question or concern, no matter how trivial we may have thought it was.
    Jeff came out of the final class really excited and I am so so glad that there was the Dad's class - he got so much out of it and we had loads to talk about when we went home - including some really thoughtful things that he had considered as a result of what he had heard.
    We can't wait to get this labour-party started now and meet our little guy!
    Thank you again,
    Sam & Jeff
    - Sam & Jeff, August 2015

  • It's hard to sum up Annerley's services.  To me they have been midwife, counsellor, friend, saviour all at different times during my pregnancy and more importantly now the baby has arrived.
    Most of us in Hong Kong are here without close friends and family around us and are also faced with a different health care system than the one we are familiar with from back home.
    Annerley provide healthcare expertise along with a friendly, caring, honest, common sense approach to birth and childcare.
    They helped to give me the confidence I needed when talking to doctors about my choices for pregnancy and birth.  Without my weekly chats with them to reassure me that I was doing the right thing I would have ended up with an unnecessary induction at my doctor's convenience.
    The home visits after delivery are a life saver and something I would highly recommend to every new mum, whether they have gone through the private or public system.  To have a friendly and knowledgeable face show up at your door when you're having some of your toughest days is an invaluable service.  My husband and I both benefited massively from our midwife visits in the early days after we brought baby home from the hospital. 
    The thing I love most about Annerley is how relaxed and friendly they all are and how genuinely interested they are in you and your baby.  Now I have a 3month old I often go to the well-baby clinic to meet up with other mums, but to also catch up with the staff.  I tend to pop in whenever I am out and about in Central to feed bubs, change a nappy or just to say hi!  They are never too busy for me and I am always welcome there. 
    When you are having a difficult day on your own with a small baby in tow, learning everything as you go along, having the folks at Annerley there to support you is truly a blessing.  I am hugely grateful for the role they played and are still playing in my parenthood journey.
    - Norma Freeman 2015

  • To the Annerley Team,
    Thanks you so much for all your support and guidance throughout our pregnancy, labour and beyond! We can't speak highly enough of the brilliant services we received. Thanks to you our first pregnancy and birth in Hong Kong wasn't as daunting as we first thought it might be.
    With kind regards
    Sally & Will Curlewis
    - Sally & Will Curlewis, December 2014

  • "The Best of Both package was fantastic. Having a team of midwives that I could call on any time was hugely reassuring. My discussions with the Annerley team helped me to feel fully prepared for the issues I might face at the public hospital and to deal with them appropriately when the time came. Having Hulda with me on the big day with her wonderfully calm demeanor was just so comforting - I was very sorry to have to leave her at the doors to the delivery room!
    I have very fond memories of Hafdis's visits to my house when Adelinde was born - the home visit is just such a wonderful part of the package - and so much safer/nicer than getting your baby into Central. Overall I would highly recommend Best of Both to anyone considering giving birth in the public hospital system in Hong Kong. You get excellent medical care in HK Hospitals - but you don't get the emotional support, breastfeeding knowledge, reassuring advice and personalised attention that you get with Annerley."
    - Karen Sherwood, Oct 2014

  •  As an ex-pat living in Hong Kong it can be quite unsettling dealing with a foreign medical system where processes are different, language can be a barrier and naturally your confidence in 'the system' a cause for angst.  When you become pregnant these feelings can escalate and trying to navigate and make sense of the maternal health system and review your options quite confusing and sometimes confronting.  Last year I fell pregnant and went through the public system.  Annerley's 'Best of Both' package provided me with the absolute peace of mind not only navigating the public hospital system but also provided professional support, advice, and great chats throughout my entire pregnancy - at any time of the day.  I had some complications at the end of my pregnancy and Hulda and Olafia went above and beyond to advise me on what I should do. What's more, after a fairly difficult birth which resulted in an emergency C-sec, I relied so much on Annerley after delivery with home visits and other check-ups and I honestly could not have survived this time without Olafia and Conchita's incredible caring approach especially with breastfeeding and post birth counseling.   This was all inclusive of their package which ends up being such amazing value.  Above all else, Hulda and her whole team are some of the loveliest, nurturing and caring women I have ever met!  I have now referred so many friends on to Annerley, they are a Godsend and this package is perfect for those going through the Public Hospital system in HK. - Claire Golder, Oct 2014

  •  I moved to HK just over 30 weeks pregnant with my first child, knowing no one and not knowing anything about labour, with not a clue what to do with babies or even where to start. I needed a zillion things covered and I didn't want to traipse all over town trying to find what I wanted.
    Seeing an interview of Hulda’s online in a magazine, I decided to go to an info session at Annerley. Best decision ever! I signed up for the Best of Both package and I can say everything miraculously got taken care of by Hulda and her team, from the prenatal classes with Hafdis, all the way to getting insider tips of how to manage the public health system, through to labour, breastfeeding with Conchita, and introducing solids to my now nearly 6month old!
    I felt more than supported and extremely happy with what we got out of the package, I even feel like family each time I visit now for the Baby Clinics! In particular however I like their personal but gently-matter‎-of-fact approach to the billions of questions that come with being a mum for the first time. The bedside manner/approach alone makes it all worth the money, something that was very important to me and what I feared I would not get from the Drs and hospital staff. And I loved that I could get everything sorted in just one place, Kristrun kind of waved her magic wand for me and it was all sorted.
    I can’t recommend them enough, you will be more than well taken care of. Hulda and her team are brilliant :) 
    - Jianjia Chan, Oct 2014

  • The public system, whilst medically great is so clinical and impersonal and it is great to come to Annerley and know that I will be treated like a person, rather than a number and that I will get ' proper' answers to my questions, from people whose opinions I value. I feel I get a 'real world' answer from Annerley which is both medically sound but also consistent with my lifestyle, rather than a 'no middle ground' yes or no from the public Drs & nurses. (Do you get what I am trying to say there - not sure how to put it more eloquently).
    Above all Annerley is welcoming and friendly and everyone seems genuinely excited and interested about my baby (despite the fact that it must be mundane as you guys see hundreds of pregnant ladies)
    There is a good balance between check ups, antenatal course and Belly to Belly talks so I now feel informed and as prepared as I can be. I think the part that I will find the most invaluable are the home visits and I feel completely reassured knowing that I will have some advice and support once the baby is born. I would be feeling much more nervous if I knew that I was going to have to rely on the public system. I don't doubt them medically, but I have little faith in the mental wellbeing that they can offer and I don't know which bits of advice or rules I need to listen to and which I don't.
    I think there are significant differences between Chinese & Western advice when it comes to babies and certainly appreciate getting a western point of view.
    - Jennifer, Oct 2014

  • Dear Hulda, Kristrun, Olafia, Eugenie and Tamara,
    This is a belated thank-you for all the wonderful support I have received from you through both my pregnancies.  For my second pregnancy we took the Best of Both package and we couldn't have been happier!  I only wish it had been available during my first pregnancy.  Tamara's breathing classes were fantastic and so helpful and my sessions with Eugenie and Olafia over the course of the pregnancy were wonderful.  And my first ever experience of acupuncture with Hulda was astonishingly relaxing and did the trick - Joe arrived the day after his due date!  My first child was delivered by emergency caesarian at Queen Mary Hospital but with both the Queen Mary and the team at Annerley supporting me, I felt very confidant in my decision to go ahead with a VBAC for my second child.  The Queen Mary staff discussed all my options with me and gave me a great deal of flexibility at all times.  Everything went very well!  The labour went smoothly and the post-labour recovery was brilliant!  I am so glad that I made the decision to go ahead with the VBAC.  Thank-you again for all your amazing support.
    Warmest regards,
    - Jade Anderson, June 2014

  •  Dear Hafdis,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your visit yesterday, it really did make me feel so much better. When you live away from your family and your Mum it really is amazing to have a friendly face and some kind words, not to mention the invaluable advice. The whole Annerley experience has been fantastic, from the pre-natal check ups to the antenatal classes and the lunchtime talks. You have all provided me with great support and prepared me well for giving birth in the public system.
    Please also pass on my thanks to Hulda and the rest of the team.
    - Louise Sunter, April 2014

  •  Dear Kristrun, Hulda, Olafia, Conchita, Hafdis, Tamara, Ailish, Paula and Jennifer
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help and guidance you have provided for  Géraldine, Alba and me. Géraldine was brilliant in bringing Alba into the world on Friday after just three or so hours in the labour ward.
    Thank you so much for giving us the knowledge and confidence to go through with a natural birth.
    G. got her breathing pretty much spot on - we didn't make it to the safety place but there was little swearing and Alba emerged pretty easily after around 12 minutes during the final phase.
    Many many thanks once again for everything.
    P.S. After Olafia's emergency visit this afternoon - pleased to report that the breast feeding is going much better than yesterday, hopefully this will continue.
    Very best regards
    - Geraldine, Louis & Alba. Feb 17th 2014

  •  My husband and I wanted to say a huge thank you for our wonderful 4D scan experience. We absolutely love the pictures and videos you managed to capture for us! It was very generous of you to invite us back for a second chance to see our shy baby. Friends and relatives were stunned with the quality of the pics and already feel like they have met him! - Angela Newby, Jan 2014

  • Conchita was structured in her approach and relayed a huge amount of information. Sitting on the couch with me, she had one eye on baby Sam, one on my helper Gina, and one on the dog - provided advice to us all!
    I loved the fact she used all manner of props to give examples from youtube videos to reading materials she left with me to review later.
    She has a hands-on approach going into the kitchen to show me how to prepare avocado and cheese for baby-led weaning. I was most impressed with her knowledge around health and nutrition in line with the latest food pyramids etc. A wealth of information!!
    And after all that we moved on to sleep training.
    I will definitely be having Conchita back for a 4-hour visit a month after I start work to do baby safety assessment, helper assessment, etc.
    This women is a powerhouse of information, delivered in a manner that left a sometimes jittery first time mom feeling empowered and looking forward to going back to work.
    Please extend my thanks to Conchita!
    - Anna-Clare, Dec 2013

  • We can't express enough our appreciation for the peace of mind your time with us has given us. Thanks for being our voice of sanity and reassurance during this exciting but slightly overwhelming time!!
    Charlie, Pat, Neva and Josef
    - Neva Corrigan May 2013

  • Thank you for all your help, kindness, and advice. I want to thank my midwife Conchita Amende who helped me gain confidence.  Having her was a positive experience and also made my life easier. She was very cheerful and a good mentor.
    A heartfelt thanks to Fiona and Donna who helped in initials days after my pregnancy.
    You guys are the best.
    Thank you for the service.
    Anju Nair
    - Anju Nair, Jan 2013

  •  Having my first baby in Hong Kong was very daunting. I arrived 25 weeks pregnant, so had only my sisters UK experience to call upon. The midwives at Annerley were fantastic at putting my mind at rest, particularly about giving birth in a public hospital.
    I wanted to have the same after care that I would receive in the UK, so opted for the postnatal midwife home visits. Not only did Rowena and Eugenie make sure that Holly was doing well, by checking her weight and general well being, but they also reassured us as first time parents. Rowena was like having a mum around, who not only told me honestly what she thought but gave me fantastic advice that I still use now, 9 months on. I cannot recommend the home visits highly enough for taking care of both baby and a new family.
    - Rachel Aiken, Sept. 2013

  •  Thank you Hulda and the Annerley team for your amazing support before, during and after the birth of our baby girl. Despite being ten days overdue, your knowledge and advice enabled me to very confidently navigate Hong Kong's public hospital system and I had a wonderful natural birth at Queen Mary.
    Although this was our second baby, I was extremely thankful for your advice and support on breastfeeding issues as they arose. In my opinion getting the feeding right from the outset is the cornerstone of achieving a happy baby, and I was so grateful to have been able to have your support to achieve this in the comfort of my own home.
    I am always telling friends about Annerley, and cannot speak highly enough of your services. Thank you, thank you thank you!
    - Jessica Baird Walsh, Sept 2013

  • I just wanted to let you know how supportive the staff at Annerley have been during my pregnancy & now in caring for my daughter. When I moved to Hong Kong, I was 12 weeks pregnant. It was a bit daunting to be pregnant in a foreign country where I wasn't familiar with the medical system and had limited social support. From the start, through Belly to Belly Workshops and antenatal classes, the staff at Annerley provided me with opportunities to learn about the maternity system in Hong Kong, gave me the tools help me to advocate for myself within the system, and provided me with all the information I needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. In working with Sofie during Belly to Belly workshops, one to one meetings, and the positioning class, I had a very fast labor and was able to have the non medicalized, drug-free birth I wanted. Given my history as brain tumor survivor, it would have been easy for the highly medicalized physicians in Hong Kong to convince me that I needed a scheduled c-section. However, the staff at Annerley taught me what questions to ask the physicians, how to express my wishes, and how I would know if and when medical interventions would be necessary. It was very useful when Sofie taught me about the importance of posture during pregnancy to help with the baby's position. I was thrilled with my labor and birth, being able to labor in the different positions Sofie taught and even deliver standing up.
    The midwife visits after returning home from the hospital with my daughter helped my husband and me feel more comfortable caring for our daughter and more confident in our parenting. The night we arrived home, my daughter was having some difficulty eating and it was very comforting to know that Rowena would be visiting the next morning to help sort us out. During those early weeks, having Rowena and Conchita visit helped us get through difficult days and nights. Breastfeeding was difficult for me due to my medical history and without the support of Annerley and the visiting midwives, I would not have been able to breastfeed at all. With proper planning before my daughter's birth and support afterwards, I was able to provide breast milk to my daughter for 10 weeks. While that might seem like a short time for many mothers, for me, it was a major accomplishment. During those 10 weeks, when things got difficult & I wasn't sure I could continue, support from Conchita helped very much. Her family centered and strengths based approach helped me to think through what the goal was for me, my baby and my family and what was going to make for a happy mom and happy baby, without any pressure to continue breastfeeding. Since giving birth, I have come to clinic, had home visits, and one to one meetings with Conchita. I appreciate that I can ask any parenting, childcare or medical question, no matter how big or small. And unlike visits with pediatricians, Conchita focuses on our entire family's wellness and happiness, not just our baby's. It is very comforting to know that Conchita and the staff at Annerley are available through all the stages of my daughters development. I am looking forward to discussing the next milestone with Conchita, starting solids. Conchita has been able to provide the medical support and emotional support that all new parents need.
    My helper took Conchita's course, "Caring for 0-12 month old babies" in the spring. My helper has over 20 years raising Western children but my husband and I felt strongly that she take a course from the same professionals who were teaching our antenatal and childcare classes. When my helper came home from the course each day, she was energized and shared with me the different things that she learned. It was fantastic that Conchita taught her new things and sent her home with "homework assignments". It encouraged her to have conversations with me about what she was learning. Some of the highlights for both of us included baby proofing the house, how to encourage language development, and starting solids. It was wonderful that Conchita could make this information exciting to such a seasoned child care provider. Additionally, Conchita stressed to helpers in the class the importance of communication with employers. This ended up being a helpful reinforcement for both my helper and myself when after the baby arrived we realized we needed to communicate differently than we had before. I would highly recommend the course to all helpers who will be working with infants regardless of how much experience they have.  
    The services at Annerley fill the gap many of us feel without local family and give new parents the opportunity to get support on childcare and parenting, which is something the medical system does not routinely provide.
    Thank you for all that you do,
    - Regina Karchner, Sept. 2013

  • Tired, confused, feeling a little vulnerable and in healing mode - all the above is not just a facebook status but what happens to us right after giving birth.  The best thing about home visits is as stated, they are in the comfort of your very own home.  For one, that's great as I was lying in my bed in my pjs and the midwife made herself at home - not just figuratively.  With a new born baby at hand, there are a million and one questions and feelings going through my head.  Eugenie was warm and super friendly.  She is also very young which might make one think that that could mean less experience, but she made sure she covered everything thoroughly-patiently and lovingly.  From bathing, to body weight, to jaundice, to wounds that are healing, umbilical cord and everything else.
    I didn't think I would really need home visits when I initially signed up for them.  To be honest, I was saving so much money giving birth at the Queen Mary that I thought, why not get myself some home visits.  I also have my mother living very close by.  Little did I know it's so easy to forget, she didn't remember many things. You just don't realise actually how much guidance and comfort one needs after delivery.  I had terrible pains from the growing mastitis as I was basically breastfeeding incorrectly and very uncomfortably.  Eugenie made it all ok.  She was very professional and best of all, it was like having a friend over every time. 
    Thank you Eugenie and Thank you Annerley!
    - Menka 2013

  • All of the books in the world can't replace the personal interaction of someone seeing you with your baby face to face, and having support in our home during the first few months was really vital.   It was also a great way for my husband and I and our helper to discuss practical baby issues with a professional and ensure we were all on the same page following the same advice. - Jessica 2013

  • It was the best support I could've given myself, even though this was second baby I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten! Breast feeding had been a real struggle for me the first time around so having amazing support right from the beginning (whilst still in hospital) gave me the confidence I needed to get it right this time. Rowena really listened to all my concerns and answered my thousand questions. She remembered all the small details which made the follow-up home visits a real pleasure as it was so personalised.
    It's such a rollercoaster of emotions after giving birth, it's really important to never feel alone throughout the process. Thank you for offering a great after-care service.
    - Natalie Kenwright 2013

  • Fiona was an absolute star over the first few days/weeks of leaving hospital with our first born. I had trouble breast feeding and my son was losing weight so Fiona made herself available by text and by phone throughout the first few weeks of his life and offered lots of practical advice and support. We can't thank her enough for her help. - Laura Galvin 2013

  • After a number of friends recommended the ante-natal classes and midwife visits arranged by the Annerley I booked a package, and 6 weeks after our daughter arrived, I look back and think how glad I am that I followed their advice!  The classes were useful at preparing for the birth, and a good opportunity to get to know some other mums to be and the team at the Annerley.  Sofie took one of our classes and I requested her for our home visits.  She was an absolute star!  She provided practical advice on everything from breast feeding positions, expressing, burping, sleeping etc for our daughter, and also helpful tips for mum such as exercises to help with recovery from the birth.  I really looked forward to Sofie's visits, and in-between she was only too happy to respond to questions.  Sofie was a tremendous support and her guidance really helped me through the first few weeks.
    - Frankie Nicholls, 2012

  • While no birth or baby is the same, I'm sure all mothers can relate to both the happy times and the challenges that come with being a new parent. I have found such relief, comfort and confidence when I started coming to see Donna at Annerley's well baby clinic when Atticus was 5 weeks old. Since then, she has guided us through everything from breastfeeding, sleep, and starting solids; everything a new mum is unsure of. Donna's knack for troubleshooting sleep issues- and all issues regarding baby- has been amazing. Her support and compassion have been truly wonderful and have put this new mum's mind at ease. I will always be thankful for finding Donna at Annerley, she has made the transition to being a mum so much easier for me. Thank you Donna, and all the best. - Elisha Tomkiewicz 2012

  • The first night I took my son home I hardly slept at all, I was not confident that he was ok and that I was doing all that i should for him as a mother.  I left a message at annerley, was called back as soon as they opened and by that afternoon Donna was at my home.  The mother and baby package equipped me with confidence as a mother through giving me practical advice and support. Realising that I was not alone in how I felt was also emotionally a big help.  There were no awkward moments with Donna and I felt that I could ask her anything.  I felt at ease with her and she made me feel totally comfortable.  I could tell that she was very experienced and also cared for the well being of my newborn son.  When he was admitted to hospital with jaundice she advised me on how to keep my milk production strong and as soon as he was him visited. I looked forward to her visits. Without Donna I could not have been as confident, as organised or as calm. Donna was worth her weight in gold.  In fact everyone at annerley has been so helpful.  The breathing classes, the breast feeding workshop, the home visits and the osteopath; all vital for building my confidence and helping to ensure my baby and I are well. - Natalie Shen Orton 2012

  • Dear Annerley,
    I would like to send you a note to say thank you so much for all the help and support from Rowena! She spent so much time to help me and Francesco the first weeks at home. Rowena is fantastic with the baby, but she also takes care of the very nervous mother who needs some down to earth advise to cope with the challenging first days at home! Thank you for answering late evening calls and staying long with me to help us settle here at home the first weeks!
    - Camilla and Francesco 2012

  • Hi, I have been meaning to write this letter of thanks for the longest time but as any new mum knows, time seems to go into a vortex when a baby arrives! However, here I am with a spare moment and so I'm finally writing the long overdue but most heartfelt thank you to Donna, who was my absolute saviour and shining light when I recently gave birth to my baby Stella 8 weeks prematurely. After calling Annerley in a bit of a panic on a particularly difficult morning soon after Stella was born, Donna arrived on my doorstep with a hug and some wonderfully reassuring words of wisdom.  She gave me lots of great advice on what to do with feeding especially as Stella was still in the neonatal unit at QMH and sat with me while I went
    thru all the usual new mum anxieties which were exacerbated ten fold by the trauma of such an early birth. When Stella came home a mere 10 days later, Donna was again on hand almost immediately to help us adjust to life with a newborn and also with amazing support and advice on preemie babies. Each week I looked forward to Donna coming around and I honestly feel that if it hadn't been for her support and kindness the transition would have been much harder. The service that you provide at Annerley is one that you can't put a price on. For new mums like me without our own mums here for support and love, when someone like Donna arrives you automatically feel like your own mum is there!!
    Thank you Donna from the bottom of my heart.  You helped us thru a very hard time and I'll be forever grateful for everything you did for us.
    Stella is now 3 months old and growing strong and healthy.
    With love and best of wishes,
    - Melanie and Stella 2012

  • Maxim and I loved attending Annerley's baby massage classes. We learned how to give and receive a gentle full body massage and we came to understand the physical and emotional benefits baby massage can bring. Deborah creates a lovely atmosphere in the classroom and the tuition is always relaxed and informal. As the course runs over 5 weeks, it is a perfect opportunity to get to know the other mums & babies in attendance. 
    Kirsten Oates 2009
    - Kirsten Oates 2009

  • During the daunting but exciting days of my first pregnancy, Annerley was great at being there every step of the way.   I was impressed with their professional but caring approach in their ante-natal & infant CPR classes, which helped my husband and I prepare for labour and what to expect in the first few days following our son’s birth.  They also provided training to my new domestic helper to ensure we all had the same understanding of how to care for a new born baby.
    I have especially appreciated the time spent post the birth with Donna Watts, a wonderful maternity nurse, in helping me with all sorts of questions on breastfeeding, feeding schedules, sleep routines, my son’s growth, our families wellbeing and all of the other new items that arise in those first few months.  This was then supported by meeting other new Mum’s in the Annerley baby clinic which resulted in even more great support.
    Annerley and Donna have helped make the transition from my hectic travel & work lifestyle to the wonderful yetchaotic first months of motherhood so much easier and even more special.
    - Nicole Denholder 2011

  • After hearing such positive feedback about Hulda and the team at Annerley I had no hesitation in booking my package when finding out I was pregnant. The antenatal classes with Fiona were perfect in preparing us for the birth of our baby. It also gave us an opportunity to meet other parents, who in fact have become great friends. When Olivia was born I had a tricky time with breastfeeding. The first stages of motherhood were quite daunting and the visits from Fiona and then Hulda were an amazing support. The help and advice were incredible and I can really say it is what got me through the first few months. It really is such a great comfort to know there is someone there to reassure and guide you. I felt much calmer when Hulda arrived and so did Olivia! Watching her with Olivia was very special and I learnt so much. It really is like you’re sitting with a member of your family and how amazing to have that when your family are so far away. Thank you so much for everything; I don’t know what we would have done without you and the whole team at Annerley.  What is so special is that you always feel there is somewhere to go to and even at 3 months I am still reassured to know that Hulda and her team are only a phone call away. I will continue to enjoy the expertise and courses that Annerley have to offer now and in the future.  I recommend Annerley to all new parents. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed but just ecstatic that you have found the best support network in HK to see you through your pregnancy, birth and first stages of motherhood!  
    Emma Saunders 2011/12
    - Emma Saunders 2012

  • Thanks for your help and support.  I really doubt if I would have come this far with breastfeeding if not for your encouragement! - Isabella Ho 2008

  • The Hypnobirthing totally worked, the labour was just under 5 and a half hours with no pain relief whatsoever. The midwives and staff at the hospital were amazing, completely respecting our birth preferences. The labour was so quick; Piya nearly arrived before our doctor got to the delivery room! We are now going around recommending Hypno to anyone and everyone that listens! Louise, thank you so much for your support during the course and in answering all our questions thereafter - Angela and Harj Baura 2008

  • I remember that I tried to do the birth breathing, but it felt really inefficient, so Hulda guided me to exhale with a bit more of a "squeeze". At that really moved things forward.
    I was able to give birth standing up, my husband received our little son and there was no tearing, no dropping in heart rate and no other incidents one hears about so frequently. Everything went really well and smoothly and I am so happy, that I did the course and had Hulda with us.
    - Sarah Boekhurst 2008

  • Dear Hulda, thank you.
    You played a special part for us in 2007, you helped me to have a brilliant birth experience, reassured me in early weeks, supported me when things were really difficult and took brilliant care of Diana when we needed a break so much.
    Lisa Tchouklova 2007
    - Lisa Tchouklova 2007

  • From the reassurance offered to a collection of nail-biting expectant Fathers in the antenatal classes, to the hand-holding and smiles shared in the Operating Theatre, and then coaching on the practical basics once we got our precious bundle home, I can honestly say that the ladies at Annerley should be rated alongside your own Mum for most fellas!
    Peter Deacon
    (Father of Petra, Joshua and Lucy - all healthy products of Annerley)
    - Pete Deacon 2002, 2005, 2008

  • "I have used Annerley's services from the time I knew I was expecting right through to my son being born and all the issues and worries a new mum has. I have done the CPR & First Aid course there as well as the Hypnobirthing (natural birthing) course which were both great. My wonderful doula Hulda who taught the hypnobirthing course helped bring my son in to the world with no drugs and in about 20minutes! After Jayan's birth, I was struggling with breastfeeding and though am I extremely pro breastfeeding, was ready to quit when I called Annerley to arrange a home visit from one of their staff. I was lucky to get Donna who corrected my latch, weighed my son (another concern- he was born weighing only 2.5kg) and told me I was doing really well and he was putting on weight, to keep it up. Without that encouragement I don't know if I'd have lasted the week out with breastfeeding! On Mondays and Tuesdays Annerley also runs baby clinics where anyone can come along, get their baby measured and ask any questions they have. Donna typically ran these sessions too and was the most invaluable resource I could have. Tips to get Jayan napping, to break the habit of being rocked to sleep, how much to feed him when he started solids etc were always excellent and I could count on Donna to remember him and his little ways and genuinely care about him. Of course, you can get a lot of advice from the internet or a book, but if it fails, you're stuck. I remember calling Donna because I was at my wit's end and she provided great advice as well as calling back a day or so later to check all was ok. All in all, Annerley, Hulda and Donna and inseparable from a great Hong Kong new mother experience, for me at least."
    Annabelle Singaram, mum to Jayan, 2011
    - Annabelle Singram 2011

    "As an expatriate in Hong Kong, Annerley has been an invaluable source of support for my first pregnancy and birth. Both my husband and I felt well prepared for the birth thanks to the excellent parentcraft classes. After Mary's birth I have found the weekly midwife clinics an essential resource for monitoring Mary's health, gaining confidence with breastfeeding, answering newborn health questions and also meeting other mothers. We also had two lifesaving home visits from Fiona shortly after the birth to help with breastfeeding after Mary. The care we have received from Fiona has been an empowering mixture of compassion and common sense and has really equipped me for motherhood in a foreign country away from my family. I heartily recommend Annerley to any expectant parents - and will continue to do so. I look forward to continuing to enjoy the centre's services."
    Elisabeth Galvin, mother to Mary, five weeks.
    - Elisabeth Attwood 2012