Consultation 1 hour midwife

One hour. HK$1,700

This private consultation can be used as pre- or post-natally and can cover concerns with your pregnancy, birth, feeding, routine or the new role of family members.

Would you like advice in introducing solids? Do you want to learn basic baby massage, or even how to stimulate your baby?

A one hour consultation with one of our midwives/nurses/consultants, for those who need time to ask questions and get information, for example if they have not attended antenatal classes or are having their second baby. 

We often do detailed introduction to Hong Kong's maternity services and options, lasting around 60 minutes with any of our midwives - experts in birth options and planning in Hong Kong.

This consultation includes information about government hospitals and clinics, private health care, insurance and an introduction to Annerley services.  

We will take into account what kind of a birth you are looking for, your own health, where you live, your partner's wishes, previous birth experiences etc. Our aim is to help you select the service that is best suited to you.  

For a Just Pregnant - Free Workshop - click here. 

Available in the office and on-line, through Skype, FaceTime, or over the phone. Let us know where you are and how we can help. 
Payments can be made with paypal (just click through the purchase button). Bookings are done through 
1700 HKD equals around 215 USD. 

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HKD$ 1,700

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