Natal Hypnotherapy *NEW*

HK$5,500 per couple

Exciting new course taught by midwife Sue!
This course includes five group sessions.
Please see dates on the right for course start date (session 1)

Five Tuesday evening sessions 6.30-8.30pm, 5 consecutive weeks in a row.
September full course dates:
September 1st
September 8th
September 15th
September 22nd*
October 6th (including baby care and breastfeeding)

*Please note that the last session is October 6th, we will skip the week of September 29th.

Most antenatal classes cover a wide range of information based topics such as what will happen during birth, all the procedures and protocols of our modern maternity system, pain relief options, breastfeeding, baby care skills, early days as a parent etc.

The Natal Hypnotherapy classes focus exclusively on emotional and practical preparation teaching you what you can do to help yourself have the most positive birth experience, regardless of the type of birth you are planning. The classes teach you in depth skills to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally as well as physically for the birth.

Whether you want a natural  birth or are open to having an epidural, what you learn on these classes will give you the confidence and ability to work with your body no matter what your birth choices are.

The first part of the class is on"Natural Pain Relief" and focuses very much on your mental preparation for birth, again an area often missing on other courses. It helps you address and overcome any fears, teaches you how to relax and use your breathing effectively and helps you understand why and how these things are so important.

The 2nd part is the "Practical Birth Preparation" class which teaches you and your partner simple, effective and practical tools and techniques to stay calm, relaxed and confident as well as helping you understand the physical as well as emotional map of birth. The emotional map is one which very few other courses touch on and yet for hundreds of couples who have done this course, they feel that this was one of the most important things they learnt.

Natal Hypnotherapy classes are geared towards empowering and preparing parents emotionally as well as physically for the birth. It is recommended the couples participate in the classes ideally between 25 and 35 weeks. However they can be taken at any time during pregnancy,

Classes can be taken as an individual or as a couple, however it is extremely useful for a birth partner to attend as many techniques work best when a birth partner is involved.

The teaching approach includes the use of PowerPoint, videos, interactive sessions, group work, couple work and hypnosis relaxation sessions.

Is Natal Hypnotherapy credible?

Yes - the training to become a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. This means that the leading midwives in the UK agree with and endorse the content of the training programme. Natal Hypnotherapy courses are now being run in several NHS hospitals around the UK.
Plus the CDs and book have won many awards, most of which were nominated by women who have used them.

  • Babies & Beyond online videos - couples can choose to watch the full course or just those pertaining to breastfeeding and the postnatal period. Link and login details will be emailed before the first session. 

  • Optional birth planning session 
    You can choose to follow up your course with a 30 minute private birth planning session with one of our experienced, registered midwives. At discounted cost of HK$500 if you have attended one of our antenatal courses (regular cost HK$950).

Partners are, of course, welcome and they will learn ways to assist and be a part of the birth as much as they wish. 

See dates on the right for start of the course.

Our Express Babies and Beyond class is an invaluable addition to your ante-natal education, and our postnatal home visits are vital for support once you are home with your new baby.

Please understand that once a booking has been made and payment received, all payments are non-refundable and the classes are non transferable. All packages are to be paid fully in advance. Postnatal packages are to be used within the first year after birth. Many insurance companies cover our services so please prepare appropriate forms for us to sign.  Prices are valid from January 1st 2014

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