Best of Both - shared care with midwives and public hospital

Are you pregnant and planning to give birth in a public hospital but fear the local system might not suit your needs?

Our 'Best of Both' package gives you a convenient and supportive passage through the government system. Combined with your antenatal check-ups are our most recommended services based on years of experience. We will create a checkup plan for you where we make sure the checkups are shared between the hospital and our midwives with your best interests in mind, ensuring you will get the best mixture of the public and private system available in Hong Kong.

Our Best of Both Package includes:

  • 7 x routine antenatal checkups (30 minutes) in our Family Clinic in private with one of our professional, registered midwives. Various checks including urine testing, blood pressure and listening to the fetal heartbeat are made together with an assessment of the baby's size and position. The emotional and physical well-being of the mother is also paramount. We educate you as we go along also, with topics very relevant to you and giving birth in HK. An ultrasound scan can be added as you wish (add HK$300).

As part of the package you will learn about common practices within the government hospitals, and how to get the best out of the system with our monthly workshop: Giving Birth in a Public Hospital. We will help you produce a realistic birth plan and assist you in presenting it to the hospital. As a result, you will enjoy personal midwife care ensuring you get the best out of both private practice and Hong Kong's public hospital service. 

Total cost: around $22,000

Please ask for package price and home visit options if you are living in the New Territories, Outlying Islands excluding DB), Shek O or Big Wave Bay.

*additional $12,000 for on call phone/Whatsapp support during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. See here for more details

Package price varies slightly with your antenatal course of choice. Ask us!

All services at 10% discount.

Unused package services cannot be carried over to a future pregnancy or birth or transferred to another individual.

"Although the public system was very thorough on the medical side of things, the personalised care and reassurance was lacking. I can't imagine my pregnancy without the support of Annerley. It is clear that the staff is chosen very carefully at Annerley because whether you walk in the door, email or call you are greeted with such warmth. I can't imagine what my pregnancy would have been like without Sue and Hulda. They both just seemed to have a innate sense of how we were feeling and knew just the right things to say to make us feel at ease. Marieke led our babies and beyond course. We learned so much and the knowledge helped me to keep my anxiety of labour and delivery at bay.  It also allowed us to create a social network of soon to be parents! The very best part of this package are the home visits. The only way to describe Hulda is that she is magical. She has this amazing magical power of knowing when you are finding things difficult and she always seemed to schedule a visit at that precise moment.  Every time she came, I was feeling worried or inferior but after her visit she always left me feeling reassured and confident. Her calm presence and incredible knowledge can help you through anything. Hong Kong families are SO lucky to have such an amazing person to help guide them through parenthood. For me breastfeeding was a real challenge at the beginning and that surprised me. I know that I would not still be breastfeeding if Hulda had not helped me in that first week establish a good latch and teach me different positions. I was so worried when the 5 home visits ended. I didn't know how I would survive without Hulda's pep talks! I have of course but those home visits really built my confidence in so many areas.  There are always a few questions that pop up after the home visits are over and the baby clinics are perfect to have those little questions answered. I think Tamara is really sweet and I have felt really comfortable talking to her too. The clinics are a great way to get out of the house and meet other moms and see other beautiful babies too.

Everything about the Best of Both Worlds Package was amazing and worth every penny. I am so grateful that Annerley was recommended to me.  I have been sharing my love for the Annerley team all around Hong Kong because every family deserves the care that Annerley provides.
Shannon, Andrew & Marlowe, 2016

"It was a hard decision to go with private or public system before we decided to seek help with Annerley. Our first consultation gave us all the information we needed to know about the public system and they are certainly very helpful. Of course, we went with the public system in the end, and through out my 9 month pregnancy, Annerley provided me with all those teachings and prepared us for the actual birth and being a new parent. They taught us so much, and in all honesty I was absolutely stress free all the way because Annerley is always there when you have a question. And no question is a silly question for them as they understand your excitement and concerns. The nurses at the hospital were all very impress after I have shared with them the courses offered by Annerley.

We are even MORE appreciative after little Laura was born. We had problems trying to feed her and it was really challenging. But Annerley was always there and still is. Never far, just a phone call away at anytime of the day and from the bottom of my heart I Thank them for it or we would have been very lost and extremely stressful parents in the first two weeks."
Coä & Shaun, Sept 2015

See here for more testimonials

Please understand that once a booking has been made and payment received, all payments are non-refundable. All packages are to be paid fully in advance and are non-transferable. Postnatal packages are to be used within the first year after birth.

Classes and workshops are available according to our schedule. Appointments are necessary for all private consultations at home or in our office. This package is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another person or to your second child. This package is always non-refundable, except in the sad case of miscarriage. Any remaining credit after the package is used can be used for any of our services in Family Clinic (including for your baby) for up to one year since the date of purchase of said package.

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