Two or more on the way?

If you are giving birth to multiples we suggest you join our Babies and Beyond Course (see below) plus 60 minutes private session. Dates are the same as Babies and Beyond.

This course is FOUR group sessions (Babies & Beyond) plus a one hour private session for those expecting multiples.

  • Four evening sessions 6.30 - 8.30pm, four consecutive weeks in a row (Tuesdays or Thursdays, depending on the first date - see drop down menu for Babies & Beyond).
    Session 1Overview of labour and birth.  Natural ways to cope with labour. Breathing and relaxation.
    Session 2: Medical treatments in labour and birth. Epidural, induction, C-section.
    Session 3: Breastfeeding and baby care in the first days at home.
  • Session 4: Breastfeeding technique and practical advice. Dads and partners' role and support.

  • One hour private session - Twin births and baby care - an overview - and birth planning. Booked at the reception after the course has been conducted - during office hours. One-on-one session with a midwife.

Couples expecting twins may also attend our Express Babies & Beyond class plus one hour private consultation - see here for details. HK$5,900

Our Birth Breathing classes are also an invaluable addition to your ante-natal education.

Please understand that once a booking has been made and payment received, all payments are non-refundable. All packages are to be paid fully in advance. Postnatal packages are to be used within the first year after birth. Many insurance companies cover our services so please prepare appropriate forms for us to sign. 

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HKD$ 5,900

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