Nexus Public - full private support - public hospital birth

This package is offered for those that wish to give birth in a government hospital but have almost all their antenatal and postnatal care done by our midwives and private obstetrician.  Approximately 3 visits to government clinics are needed to register and create your file, but then the care is split between the midwives and obstetricians at Annerley as per the attached schedule.  Your medical file is shared with you to provide to the government hospital staff.

Blood tests and ultrasounds are done at Annerley, including the 12w Down's syndrome screening (either a nuchal fold measurement (included) and OSCAR blood test (as standard) or NIPS (SafeT21 $8,500 or Panorama $7,800 can be added), and 20 week anomaly scan. One glucose tolerance blood test is done at 28 weeks and also a GroupB streptococcus swab, at 36 weeks.  Otherwise, most of the appointments are so-called routine antenatal checkups, with urine, blood pressure, fetal heart beat and standard size and position estimation by palpation of the uterus.  Enough time is always given for questions and the emphasis is on personal care.  Partners are welcome to the checkups, and scans are done sparingly, but regularly if you wish, during the 9 months. 

Nexus package includes:

7 routine 30 minute antenatal clinic check-ups with your midwife
4 checkups/scans with obstetrician including 12 and 20 week scans, and growth scans at 30 and 36 weeks
Blood tests: pregnancy profile, Vitamin D, OSCAR blood test (or NIPS), pre-eclampsia screening (optional), glucose tolerance test, bacterial screen (Strep B test), Ferritin (iron)
Antenatal/Birth Preparation course of your choice including one private birth planning session
Birth Breathing class
'Giving Birth in a Public Hospital' workshop
Postnatal home visits with midwife for breastfeeding help and clinical/practical/emotional support for mum and baby after birth
1 postnatal 6 week checkup and consultation with an obstetrician
1 checkup for baby with our specialist paediatrican
On call phone support for pregnancy, birth,  and the postnatal period. You will be added to a Whatsapp group with the midwives for support, questions and advice from 12 weeks pregnant, around the time of labour (on-call support) to up to 6 weeks after the birth.

Around HK$53,000 to HK$62,000 (depending on screening blood tests) paid upon booking the package at around 11/12 weeks. Non-refundable except in the sad case of loss of pregnancy.

Much of the package is often covered by maternity insurance. Individual receipts can be given after each appointment to use for your claim.

Please contact us for bookings or further information - we are happy to meet with you privately to discuss this care with you. Email or call 29831558.

"As a first time parent in a foreign city with no family support network, being pregnant and having a baby is a supremely daunting experience. Throughout it all Annerley have been amazing! 

We went for the Nexus package and it was some of the best money we spent on the baby! You would be surprised what you end up panicking about at 3am in the morning when pregnant (and once you have the baby). Being able to text a group of midwives and get reassurance, support and advice is invaluable. From whether the cheese you accidentally ate at dinner will hurt your baby to how much is too much sick after a feed, the midwives offer timely and caring support for any and all questions. 

The baby classes, home visits and additional support groups are great and really help with the whirling craziness that is the first weeks (and possibly months) of life with the new baby. We found that the personal touch and genuine care expressed by all the midwives throughout the experience was lovely and made us feel welcome to discuss any and all issues and concerns with pregnancy, parenting and the baby! 

The service at Annerley is fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend it to any perspective parents who want a little more support and advice than just the hospital. I delivered at Queen Elizabeth public hospital (which was great) and the preparation from Annerley meant that we were relaxed and ready for all that happened.  Overall, an outstanding service. 

Many thanks to you and the entire team!" Rebecca S 2019

"When I found out we were expecting our 6th baby we were only a few months away from moving from America to Hong Kong for my husband's job. Having had five babies already I knew a bit about what I wanted (and didn't) out of my pre-natal and post-natal care and birth experience. I love the midwifery model of care and wanted to have a natural birth with access to intervention if needed. Ideally I would have loved a birth center run by midwives. In Hong Kong, however, my options were either public hospital birth or private hospital births. I researched both options and learned that my best chance of having a natural delivery were at a public hospital. I felt really conflicted because public hospital deliveries involve public antenatal visits which had a reputation for being impersonal and having long stints of waiting in queues and in the waiting rooms. My research led me to Annerley and the Nexus Package, which offered private pre- and post-natal care for women birthing in a public hospital. Selecting the Nexus package at Annerley was easily one of the best and most important decisions we made regarding this pregnancy. First off, Annerley is a top-notch organization. The midwives and all the staff are well-trained, kind, up-beat, and professional. They also have an excellent obstetrician working with them to ensure that any risks or complications in mother or baby are managed appropriately. The Nexus package provides all the appointments with an OB and/ or midwife (except for a precious few needed for public hospital registration and follow-up), and the ultrasounds and lab work needed so you can get it all done in one place without having to do this in the public system or privately elsewhere. I love this. Especially moving to HK mid-pregnancy. It saved me so much time and stress (did I mention I have five other kids to care for) to get these things all in one place. Also included was a workshop on giving birth in a public hospital. It was extremely informative and incredibly helpful as we prepared for our baby's birth in a public hospital in Hong Kong. The midwives at Annerley have all been super supportive and helpful to me in this journey. Toward the end of the pregnancy they were even available via a Whatsapp group to give advice or answer questions or concerns I encountered before, during, and after baby was born. Our baby girl, Lois, was born in mid-May in an uncomplicated natural delivery (yay!) at Prince of Whales Hospital. We have been enjoying the post-natal home visits by Annerley midwives. It is a relief to have some one checking in on me as I recover and on baby's growth without having to leave our home. I really can't say enough about how pleased I am with the quality of care I have received (am still receiving) from Annerley and the Nexus Package!" Shonda Boone, July 2018

"Big thumbs up to the entire Annerley team for their amazing support throughout my pregnancy and delivery, even until I came back to work.
They gave me all the support that a woman would need for her first pregnancy especially in a foreign country. My husband and I felt very overwhelmed by the breadth of options until we stepped
into their office, where Ailish gave us an unbiased and comprehensive overview of the healthcare system in HK.
For the first time in 3 months, I felt confident about our decision to deliver in the public system. We decided to go for the Nexus package, which is worth every penny, especially for first time moms, as it provides an incredible and much needed support and care throughout the journey.
All the items from the package turn out to be extremely valuable to me, including the home visits after birth, the 24h on call phone support although I didn't have the chance to make use of it during labour (scheduled c-section). I am very thankful to the whole team and especially to Sue and Hulda, who took the time to answer all my questions, to address my (numerous!) worries and to give us all the tools to best prepare us to parenthood.
We are now the proud parents of a happy and healthy baby thanks to them!
- S.C., November 2017

Classes and workshops are available according to our schedule. Appointments are necessary for all private consultations at home or in our office. Nexus Package holders are a priority at Annerley. This package is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another person or to your second child. This package is always non-refundable, unless under very special circumstances (including miscarriage). Any remaining credit after the package is used can be used for any of our services in Family Clinic (including for your baby) for up to one year since the date of purchase of said package.


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