Psychotherapy/Counseling 1 hour

Allison Heiliczer offers individual and group therapy to those looking to become pregnant, are currently pregnant, have given birth, or lost a baby. Some relevant issues include: deciding whether to have a baby, use of fertility treatments, challenges with pregnancy, anxieties/fears surrounding labor and motherhood, planning for labor and motherhood, miscarriages, stillbirths, postnatal depression, and relationship issues--connecting with one's partner, baby, and/or "Self". Sessions are conducted either at Annerley or as home visits in the privacy of one's home. Sessions are also available for or with husbands/partners.

Allison hosts a postnatal Depression Group. Open to women suffering from postnatal depression. The goal is for women to have a safe environment to explore emotions and also connect with others going through similar experiences. In addition, there will be a practical component to the group, which will include tools to aid in healing.

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