Prime Private - specialist led care - private hospital birth

You have chosen to give birth in a private hospital and you would like to have all of your antenatal checkups with one of our OT&P obstetricians, alongside antenatal education and postnatal support from our midwives.

Let us arrange everything for you - from your checkups, scans and blood tests, to your antenatal education, booking your birth hospital, and arranging your postnatal care.

Your obstetrician will take care of your antenatal care and birth, and our midwives will teach your birth preparation classes and visit you at home after the birth.

Prime Private package includes:

All necessary antenatal checkups, scans, and blood tests with your chosen obstetrician, plus a postnatal check at 6 weeks postpartum.

Optional classes and postnatal home visits by our team of registered midwives:

Antenatal/Birth Preparation course of your choice including one private birth planning session
Birth Breathing class
Postnatal home visits with your midwife for breastfeeding help and clinical/practical/emotional support for mum and baby after birth

Birth costs are added - please contact us for a breakdown.

Around HK$50,000 paid upon booking the package at around 12 weeks. Non-refundable except in the sad case of loss. Birth costs are added and paid after the birth (obstetrician + anaesthetist + paediatrician + hospital package).

Much of the package is often covered by maternity insurance. Individual receipts can be given after each appointment to use for your claim.

Please call 29831558 if you would like to come in for a chat and discuss which package might work best for you.

All packages can be adapted for second/third time parents (eg no need for classes).

Classes and workshops are available according to our schedule. Appointments are necessary for all private consultations at home or in our office. This package is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another person or to your second child. This package is always non-refundable, unless under very special circumstances (including miscarriage). Any remaining credit after the package is used can be used for any of our services in Family Clinic (including for your baby) for up to one year since the date of purchase of said package.

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