12 week ultrasound/scan

The main purpose of a 12 week scan is to identify:

  1. The length of the pregnancy (babies grow the same in the first 18 weeks of the pregnancy so size measurements to estimate length of pregnancy are very accurate).

  2. Whether it is a singleton or multiple pregnancy.

  3. Measure the nuchal fold of the baby´s neck, to evaluate risks of Down´s syndrome (if preferred by parents).

If you would rather have detailed blood test with a 99 percent accuracy (NIPS) we offer the SafeT21 or Panorama blood test. This is a chromosomal abnormality screening blood test that is much more accurate than the Nuchal fold scan, but mostly due to cost reasons, is not available in the government hospitals. This is a non-invasive test with no miscarriage risk. The total price for 12 week scan with SafeT21 is HK$10,950 or HK$10,250 with Panorama.

The 12 week scan is done by a specialist obstetrician who will give you the report immediately and explain as the scan is being done.

The standard cost includes a 12 week scan, OSCAR blood test and consultation with our Obstetrician. Add $2,460 for pregnancy profile blood test which is also usually done at this time.

Add $950 for a consultation/checkup with one of our midwives, who can answer all of your pregnancy related questions and guide you in your choice of care, whether you are giving birth in a public hospital, or in the private system.

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HKD$ 4,200

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