20 week ultrasound/scan

The main purpose of the 20 week anomaly scan is to confirm that your baby is growing and developing normally. It is a detailed scan, only performed by doctors, ultrasonographers and midwives who have been specially trained to do this procedure.  

We check for any major physical abnormalities with the bones, heart, brain, spinal cord, face, kidneys and abdomen.  The scan specially screens for anencephaly, spina bifida, cleft lip, diaphragmatic hernia, cardiac abnormalities, kidney abnormalities, gastrochisis, exophalos, skeletal dysplasia, Edwards (T18) and Patau's (T13) syndromes.  Also, the position of the placenta is checked and the general size and growth of the baby.

Of course, usually the baby is developing well and is normal, the scan is simply to confirm that and screen for the above, as some of the conditions need special attention during the pregnancy and straight after birth.

The 20 week scan is not purposely to look for the gender of the baby but can usually be done if requested by the parents.  

The cost includes the scan, scan report and consultation with our specialist obstetrician.

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HKD$ 3,500

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