Toddler Workshop - Caring for children aged 1 to 5 years old

We are offering a unique, all day workshop (10am to 5pm) that will teach your helper not only how to better care for your home and children, but also her own well-being.

This dynamic and comprehensive workshop covers:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Caring for Toddlers 
  • Emotional Regulation & Communication

A questionnaire will be sent to you as employer to complete prior to the course, for Allison to read and assess.

Allison will also follow up after the - to provide feedback and to offer solid suggestions to affect change, if needed.

This dynamic, comprehensive workshop will be taught by our in-house therapist Allison Heiliczer. Allison is a Psychotherapist and Nutritionist and has many years of experience in teaching and assessing helpers at Annerley. Her rapport with the women is always wonderful.

Drinks will be available free of charge, and the ladies can either bring lunch with them or pop out and buy something during a break.

Does your helper need to update her CPR/First Aid skills? See here for details.

Please understand that once a booking has been made and payment received, all payments are non-refundable and the class is non-exchangeable.

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